Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Monday, July 31, 2017

Southern Fishin'

Hey hey! Oh yeah that was pretty scary ha! Yeah we need to check up on her and see if she's still good.   Sorry this email is shorter again we had another district activity and went to the Catawba river to go fishing it was pretty fun! I still do very much so love fishing ha.
We did get transfer news and we are both staying together!! We were excited about that!
This will be Elder Hursts last transfer, so I will probably be staying here as well until I go home, fingers crossed.   I'm not a fan of moving much. Anyways though it's been a great week! We have had some success finding, and hope to keep seeing that! There has been a lot of great things happening here and I pray that keeps going strong!
Ramon should be having his daughter move over soon, and we will hopefully start teaching her! That whole family has been a miracle. They are amazing! They just glow with the spirit of God, and I feel so much for each of them. It's hard to describe it.
Nothing too crazy this week happened though. We also had a Pioneer Day celebration party with the branch and that was really fun! Sorry for how short this was, hopefully next week will be better!
I'm doing great though! I am happy to be here serving the Lord! There's not much a better feeling, and I feel so much but it's hard to explain! I just love these people, and God.
Have a wonderful week!
Elder Cannon

Sunday, July 30, 2017

911 Call

Sorry I got this letter out so late.  We had an activity today.
Well it's been a crazy week!
To start off the week we had to call 911. We were going to a former Investigators house, and as we drove by the house looking for the address Elder hurst said he saw someone laying on the porch looking like they were praying/sleeping. So we turned around and drove past and looked and she was just laying on her porch kind of in the fetal position not moving. So we drove past and parked and started walking up to her house. When we got up to her we tried to talk with her and she barely could move. She put her head up a tiny bit and put it back down, and didn't respond to anything we would say. She was in rough rough shape! So we called the ambulance and they came over, a police officer went up the porch and tried to get her to move or talk and she wouldn't. He finally had to kind of put his hand on her and move her and she slowly got up. When we got a clear angle of her she looked like a literal zombie! Her face was completely flushed and gray, and pink swelling around her eyes and mouth. It was the roughest person I've ever seen in my life. And I felt horrible. She couldn't stand up and had to be sitting on a chair. She started to talk a little bit though and slowly got out of it. But it was pretty weird scary moment.  Drugs really will mess you up! We are glad we noticed her though, and got her some help. She had been laying there a long time I'm sure without anyone noticing or care to do anything.
Also this week was Edwin's baptism it was amazing! He was so happy and excited for this new change. He was much more happy than when we first met him. He has changed a lot! Christ and his gospel will do some amazing things if you let it. He shared his testimony to everyone and it was touching, he has felt the love of God and is experiencing what it feels like. I'm excited to hear how he does in the future!
We have had some good success this week with finding some new people to teach. It's always exciting to see some new people to work with. I'll let you know if anything progresses.
It's been a pretty good week, and I'm glad to be here! We find out transfer news this Saturday. I swear it comes up faster and faster each transfer! We are both hoping to stay but you never know. I will have some news Monday.
Anyways I hope this week goes a little bit better, those weeks of humbling are never fun. Thanks for all you do!
Elder Cannon

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Baptism scheduled for Saturday

Hey! Things are going pretty well. We have been having a good week here in Lancaster.  Edwin is getting baptized on Saturday and we get to go down to it. It'll be in charlotte. He has came a long ways, and I can tell that he is happier. He has been applying the gospel, and it's making a difference in his life. I'm way happy for him! I've noticed on Facebook he mostly posts church stuff, he has changed a lot since the first time we met him. He's a lot more mature, and genuine.

We had a powerful lesson this week with an investigator who is an older lady named Josephine. We taught the restoration, and the member we were with said it was the most powerful experience being with missionaries he's been apart of. He said watching from the outside he didn't want to speak or interrupt , that everything we said from the very beginning had power, and he could feel the spirit. It was very reassuring to hear that, ITs an amazing feeling to know God can use us for teaching his restored gospel. It is not me. She was pretty receptive though, she did not fully accept the baptismal invite, but is praying and reading about the Book of Mormon. I have high hopes for her!

We also had a zone conference this week which was good as usual! Things are still going really good, and we are working hard. We have been surviving the heat and having a good time! It's going faster and faster. When the members out here keep saying hay I'm getting closer it's hard to comprehend it will actually end. I know it's getting close, but it'll be a weird day for sure! I'm happy though and love
serving the lord! Thanks for all you do!
Elder Cannon

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

4th of July Fun

Oh yeah there are some rough hot days but I'm hanging there! That is pretty hot! It hasn't been that hot temperature wise, but it has felt pretty rough with the humidity.
This week has been a pretty average week as well. It is still great though! We were invited to a members house for a shrimp boil and fireworks on the 4th. It was really fun and good! We played around in the yard with the kids for a good while, and by the end we were dripping wet. It was a great day though! The people here in the branch spoil us like crazy!
All the pestanas have been having some craziness lately! Emely, who is Ramon's daughter that was baptized in January, just had her baby recently. She is a really cute little girl, but she got a bad fever so they took her to the hospital. They have to keep her for like a week to run different tests, and since she is just 2 weeks old. Anyways we went down with the branch president yesterday to the children's hospital in Charlotte and gave the little baby a blessing. I was able to give part of it, and it was a very interesting feeling. There is something about new born babies, I don't know how to describe it, but it was amazing! They are doing better though and should come back tomorrow. Then miryan who is Ramon's daughter as well is having her baby very soon! She has been having a lot of pain and they think she will be having her baby early--she was due in mid-August. We gave her a blessing as well since she's been in a lot of pain. That is such a great family though! They have strong faiths in God and Jesus Christ. When we go over the girls get so excited and grab the books and pass them out. We usually read a chapter with them. They just soak it up, and feel a lot. Edwin is also still planning on being baptized the 22nd in Charlotte.
Anyways things are going great! Im happy as ever and loving the work! It's hard to think of how much I have felt through this all. I know with all my heart that God is no respecter of persons, but loves all of his children so very much. I'm glad to hear things are going good at home! I hope you have a great week! Take care!
Elder Cannon


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Pretty average week

Hey yeah the baptism was a great experience! Not a whole of change has happened this week. It was pretty average, but it was still a great week! We did a lot of good grunt work, and hopefully we start to see some more good things happening here. We don't have a ton of people to teach after the recent baptisms, and Edwin moving but we are working on that. It's been great here so far!
The wedding looked awesome! They look very happy and excited to be together. I can't wait to go to Cannon Beach again someday.  I always love the weather there! I got their wedding announcement as a little surprise and forgot that that was coming up. I Feel like a lot has happened since I've been gone, and I am sure there will still be more to come in the next couple months.
Nothing too crazy has happened I'm just hanging in here, and working hard. I can feel God working through me, and it is one of the best feelings there are. I really want to develop that more and more. I
love feeling his influence in my life! I love seeing other people as well noticing it more!
Thanks for all you do, take care!
Elder Cannon