Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Monday, July 31, 2017

Southern Fishin'

Hey hey! Oh yeah that was pretty scary ha! Yeah we need to check up on her and see if she's still good.   Sorry this email is shorter again we had another district activity and went to the Catawba river to go fishing it was pretty fun! I still do very much so love fishing ha.
We did get transfer news and we are both staying together!! We were excited about that!
This will be Elder Hursts last transfer, so I will probably be staying here as well until I go home, fingers crossed.   I'm not a fan of moving much. Anyways though it's been a great week! We have had some success finding, and hope to keep seeing that! There has been a lot of great things happening here and I pray that keeps going strong!
Ramon should be having his daughter move over soon, and we will hopefully start teaching her! That whole family has been a miracle. They are amazing! They just glow with the spirit of God, and I feel so much for each of them. It's hard to describe it.
Nothing too crazy this week happened though. We also had a Pioneer Day celebration party with the branch and that was really fun! Sorry for how short this was, hopefully next week will be better!
I'm doing great though! I am happy to be here serving the Lord! There's not much a better feeling, and I feel so much but it's hard to explain! I just love these people, and God.
Have a wonderful week!
Elder Cannon

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