Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Elwood Connection & Saying Goodbye to Elder Hurst

Hey!! It has been a week ha! My new companions name is Elder Samuelson and he is from Farmington, Utah. He is great! He really prepared before coming out, and I can tell that he does want to help the people here. We have already seen some neat miracles, and I know there will be some more to come. It'll be a great transfer! Elder Hurst made it home to Idaho Wednesday. I think he gave his homecoming talk yesterday. Also when we dropped him off I got to see elder Jackson, and Elder Stephens previous companions. That was great to see them, and hear how they are doing. They all went home in the same group. Also while I was there Tina and Rusty Evans walked up! I hadn't seen
them in about a year. It was amazing to be with them again, and I felt so much joy and love talking with them again! They are amazing! She was so in awe about how much I was talking ha! I don't know if you remember how we made a deal when they were getting baptized she said by the time we get to our baptism we want you to be a chatterbox! Ha she said I had changed a lot, that was great to hear. I also heard they may be planning to go to the temple to be sealed in November!!

I also met someone pretty interesting at church yesterday. We had a high counselor from the stake come down for branch council and to speak in church. While he was on the stand announcing changes in the stake I knew I had seen him before and he looked extremely familiar!  He had the same face as Darwin Nielsen. It just clicked in my head and I knew that had to have been one of their kids. Then when he gave his talk he said his name was Ryan Nielsen. I remember hearing that was one of their sons names. It was pretty crazy to think there was an Elwood person clear down visiting the Lancaster branch. I went up to him after sacrament meeting and said I think I know you, and I asked if that was his parents. He said it was, and that he knew you guys. He said dad was his young men's leader I think? Anyways It was pretty crazy! He got our number and said that they will have to have us over for dinner sometime before I go home ha. It's a small world in the church. It made me happy to meet a hometowner from Elwood, even though I don't think I ever met him.
Wow that's sweet there is another Elwood ward? It must be growing, that is a good sign! I'm glad to hear we didn't get shook up too bad. Hopefully the next change will be an Elwood stake ha.

Well things are going well. It is a bit crazy, but it is good. I feel blessed to be here serving in the South. The people are wonderful, and they have a special place in my heart. There are good things happening here! I feel like God has been so merciful to me throughout my life.  I've reflected a lot on the people, and experiences I've had. It has been the greatest blessing in my life to be serving God, and teaching and testifying of His Son. The gospel is simple, but perfect. I'm glad we got it! Anyways I hope your week is great! Take care!
Elder Cannon

P.S.  We got a text from Nielsens that they did connect with Elder Cannon and his companion this week and took them to dinner.  That was so nice.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Surviving the Storms

Hey it has been quite the week ha! Oh yeah there was a lot of talk and precaution about Irma. Right now it's pretty cool, and gusty, with little torrents of rain, but I'm sure it will pick up some more. We got water, and food, and have plenty of members who are willing to have us in or help out, so we are well taken care of! Hopefully the power doesn't go out.
Also I do have some transfer news.  I'm going to be training a new missionary again for this last transfer. Ha so that should be interesting! It takes a lot out of you, at least this last time did. It should be good though and I'm really excited for it! I've learned and felt the most in those transfers of training it'll be a good experience. With that also I realized I didn't mention I'm the district leader as well, I was this last transfer. I really enjoy it, and getting to know the missionaries here. We have pretty new missionaries in every area as well so it's been fun helping and getting to know them. They have fire!
Wow! This sounds like a lot of change is happening! So is dad going to be getting released then you think? That should be fun! Yeah that was a hard change to move, but now looking back I'm way glad it happened. That made a huge difference meeting Mikayla at that point in my life. Yeah it is hard to change though, it is a great reminder of the true purpose of it. Let me know what happens!
Anyways so there's a lot of change here too. They have changed the way we plan each day, and also we are going to be piloting a new way of finding and teaching in missionary work. So the next few months we will be receiving new training and conferences to learn it and apply it. I'll be here for just the first part of it. It should be fun! Elder Hurst is also going home.  It feels pretty weird! It's nice he lives close though! I'll see him soon.
Anyways I'll have more to talk about this next week I'm sure. I'm happy to be here though! And excited for this new transfer it'll be a good one. I love being here serving these amazing people. I'm glad to be here. I feel so blessed that God has been this merciful to me. I have a lot that I don't deserve.
Also these next 6 weeks I start this program called my plan where I kind of prepare and have a plan for when I get home. Spiritually and temporally. So these next few weeks I'll probably be asking you about that a little and kind of getting stuff figured out. It's crazy! Anyways have a great week! Take care!
Elder Cannon

These are pictures from dinner last night. This is at the Tracy's. He is the branch president, and his wife is like our mom down here. She spoils us a ton, and is always taking pictures ha. She is such a sweet lady!         

 Drinking shots of ginger ale. Also this man just moved into the ward and he was living in Hanksville Utah, but is from New Zealand. He has a thick accent, and he is way funny. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

I do not doubt anything He can do.

Hey it's going well! I'm feeling better I still have a lingering cough, but I feel fine.
Wow it sounds like it was a crazy week! I can't believe Ryan and Katie  have been married for a year already ha?
It is going pretty good over here! The weather has been in the 80s the last little bit, so that's been way nice! Oh yeah we have heard about that hurricane in Texas it sounds horrible. We also heard there's
another one starting to brew in the ocean. Hopefully it isn't as bad. We got a good amount of rain from it a couple days ago, but it wasn't too bad.
There is a little university in Lancaster a branch from USC. We have been trying to work on teaching a couple people from there. There have been a few college students who are interested in the gospel hopefully that will turn out! Our finding has been pretty consistent the last month or so, so hopefully soon someone will be ready to fully accept it. I know there's someone God has been preparing that is right around the corner. Also this week there has been some pretty neat experiences in being able to speak with the spirit to touch people's hearts and ease their concerns and worries. It still just awes me in the power that God has, and what he can do. I do not doubt anything that He can do. I know he knows and loves everybody. We were talking about how to share the gospel or have friendships with people of different faiths, and what is important to remember. I think the biggest one is just
knowing God loves them the same amount he loves us. We are not better than them or more loved, but God loves them just as much, and we want them to have all that he can give us so that's why we share. Anyways things are good and I am happy as ever! The people are great here, and I love the south. They really do love Jesus Christ, and are some of the friendliest people out there. They are very social and enjoy talking a lot! I enjoy talking with them, and serving any way I
can. It'll be tough to leave. Anyways have a great week!
Elder Cannon